Hangar 24 - Orange Wheat Story // Behind the scenes

On a recent shoot I directed with Rogue Creative Development we got to tell the unique story of Hangar 24's flagship beer, Orange Wheat. This shoot was pretty memorable being that this was my first time fully directing a shoot and not even having my hands on the camera. This piece was Co-Produced with my close friend Matt Barnes and shot by the über talented Jonathan Bennett. Here's a look at the day as well as the final piece ... 

Stacy + Matt // Married

The Loft On Pine Wedding. April 3, 2016. Long Beach, Ca.

Been waiting a long time to shoot these great friends of ours wedding! They had one the most fun and interesting weddings. I not only got to shoot the wedding but was a groomsman as well! Definitely made for a stressful and exciting day!

Stacy + Matt // Engaged

February 13, 2016.

Desert Engagement Session. Lave Havasu, AZ / San Bernardino Desert, CA.

When you're offered to fly to the middle of the desert for a shoot ... you go! This one was one for the books and quite unique ...