Hangar 24 - Orange Wheat Story // Behind the scenes

On a recent shoot I directed with Rogue Creative Development we got to tell the unique story of Hangar 24's flagship beer, Orange Wheat. This shoot was pretty memorable being that this was my first time fully directing a shoot and not even having my hands on the camera. This piece was Co-Produced with my close friend Matt Barnes and shot by the über talented Jonathan Bennett. Here's a look at the day as well as the final piece ... 

From a roll of 35mm

A few weeks back my mom gave me her Canon EOS 650D SLR (35mm film) bought back in ‘88. Had a blast going through the first roll (Fuji Superia 400) and realizing the challenges in shooting non-digital. I shot a few rolls during a b/w photo class I took in college, but I was no where near as invested in photography as I am today. Takes a whole lot more patience and focus for what you’re shooting for sure. After every shot I looked at the back of the camera. You know to review on the … oh wait there’s no LCD there! Being that this was one of the first Canon cameras with AF, I was able to not only use the original kit lens (35-105mm f/3.5-5.6) but also my current EF glass as well. 

All that considered, paired with seeing the good & bad come back in printed form, It’s a lot of fun! Finally get why people like to shoot film so much for hobby/pleasure. Could see myself doing this more & more. Also look forward to trying some diff. film rolls, or as i call them VSCO edits since this is the OG, haha!

The first 4 images were shot with my 50mm f/1.2 here in Southern California. The other 6 (shot with the old 35-105mm kit lens) are from a recent work trip to Gold Coast, Australia.

These were 4X6 prints, scanned in at 600dpi. There was no post processing on these at all. Raw look/colors straight out of the camera/film roll.